Bachelor of Fine Arts

Photography, Chung-Ang Univerity, Seoul, Korea


Bachelor of Arts and Music

Ewha Woman’s University, Seoul, Korea





2019: Musical Silence, Gallery Now, Seoul Korea


2017: Memorabilia, Gallery Gong, Seoul, Korea


2017: Wanderlust 3, Gallery Guha, Seoul, Korea


2016: The Garden, Space 291, Seoul,Korea







2019: BLACK MEMORABILIA4, 25th Juried show Exhibition, The Griffin Museum of Photography , Winchester, MA, USA


2019: MUSICA SILENCE, Permanent Exhibiton, Youngwol Y Park, Young Wol, South Korea


2019: MEMORABILIA3, Outspoken:Expanded, The RI Center for Photographic Arts, Providence, RI, USA


2018: MEMORABILIA 2,3, Permanent Exhibition, Haslla Arts Museum, Gangneung,


2018: MEMORABILIA3, Donggang International Photo Festival,Young Wol, Korea                            


2018: MEMORABILIA3, ACCI Gallery, Berkeley, CA, USA


2016: BRISAS DE COREA, Galeria Saro Leon, Las Palmas, Spain


2016: Chung-Ang University’s Gallery La Mer,   Seoul, Korea


2015: Chung-Ang University’s Gallery Dongduk, Seoul, Korea


2014: Chung-Ang University Gallery Dongduk, Seoul, Korea






2019: Black Memoraiblia4 select work, 25th Juried show Exhibition, 1st Place, Richards’ Family Trust Award, The Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, MA, USA. (Julie Grahame)


2018:  Black Memoraiblia and Musical Silence, New and Now Exhibition award, Gallery Now, Seoul,Korea (Lee Sunshim, Yang Jonghoon)


2018:  Memorabilia3, The growing up, Donggang International Photo Festival, YoungWol, Korea (Festival committee)


2018:  Memorabilia3, The San Francisco Bay Area International Photo Festival, Gold medal, ACCI Gallery, Berkely, CA, USA (Aline Smithson)






2019: Black Memorabilia: What will you remember, USA

2019: IF1: Fraction Magazine 122-1, USA

2019: Musical Silence: Photo Art Magazine vol.361, South Korea

2019: Musical Silence, Black Memorabilia, Memorabilia1,2: Photo Dot Magazine vol57, South Korea

2019: Musical Silence: Photo Journal, South Korea

2019: Musical Silence, Memorabilia: Sports Seoul New paper, South Korea

2019: Musical Silence: FotoMa, South Korea

2018: Memorabilia: Photo Art Magazine vol.345, South Korea

2018: Memorabilia: Lenscratch, USA

2017: Memorabilia: Photo Art Magazine vol.344, South Korea

2017: Memorabilia: Ewha woman’s Univ. Magazine vol149, South Korea

2017: Wanderlust3: Photo art Magazine vol.337, South Korea

2017: Wanderlust3: SportsSeoul News Paper, South Korea

2016: The Garden: Seoul Art Guide, South Korea

2016: The Garden: Photo Dot Magazine, vol29, South Korea




2017: Wanderlust 3, Space 291, Seoul, South Korea





Haslla Arts Museum, Gangneung, South Korea

YoungWol Y Park, Youngwol, South Korea

Sunjoo Lee is a mixed media photographer based in Seoul, South Korea.

Lee’s extraordinary artistic sensibility that once portrayed through her voice is now visible from the work she portrays through her camera lens. Her photography focuses on a unique lyrical journey into her personal life. She explores her past, present, and future world in a time and spatial perspective.